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4 min readOct 20, 2021


Who are the Nomad Aliens?

The Nomads are 5,555 1/1 digital 3D Avatars sculpted and modeled by Egyptian Artist @TheNomadOmar algorithmically generated and stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon chain.

Story of the nomads?

For hundreds of years the Nomads were lost after their ship engine was damaged and thrown out of warp, they lost the way and wondered in space looking for a planet to land on, or someone to help.

Their food supply was nearly finished just before they entered a wormhole that throw them right in front of a very strange blue planet, the planet looked so weird yet gave them hope for survival, and with little power left in the ship they scanned the planet and learned about the creatures living on it, they called them the “Lodva” which means in their language “The A holes” 🙊

They learned more about the “Lodva” and landed wearing disguise, but the authorities of the “Lodva” kept tracking and finding them one by one, Your mission if you choose to accept it is to help the “ludva” to catch the Nomads and get your reward 10% of each Nomad cost will be yours if you are lucky! not only that.. there is a Huge bounty of “9100+ matic” on the first Gen when the last Nomad is captured will be sent to a lucky “Lodva”

Who am I ?

My name is Omar, I’m a 28 years old Egyptian Artist and Web/Indie-game developer, I work on the nomads alone you can call it a “one man army” project and up until now “the time of releasing this article” I have already finished every coding aspect of the Project, the website and Dapp are up and ready

The contract is on the Polygon network and verified

and the art is 80% finished and there are Nomads leaked on the Discord #leaked channel, I will keep creating and adding more traits until the launch of the Nomads

How is the Artwork generated?

The Nomads are randomly created from a pool of 150 trait across 12 categories “Skin, Clothing, Eye wear, Head Item, Mask, Ear piercing, Nose piercing, Mouth Item, Neck Item, Tattoos, Hair, Facial Hair”, Each one of them is unique as there are no duplicates in our collection.I’m constantly working on adding new traits and getting suggestions from the awesome members over on discord, this means that the sneak peeks are always evolving and of course we will be keeping you guys up to date regularly.

The reward system on the contract?

We have implemented an awesome reward system introduced to the public by Hashlips over github, it will simply give back to the awesome community as a reward for supporting the project and helping the community grow

*10% of every NFT sold will go to a random Nomad owner during the Minting process

*5% of the contract balance will be sent to a random winner after the last Nomad is Minted if the collection gets sold-out in the first 10 days of the launch


After 50% of the collection gets sold “Including the 3 generations” I will launch the Nomads merch, I’m trying to get Amazon store for the project for now if I could I will find way to easily distribute Nomad Aliens merch for all the owners and fans, All OG holder of the Nomads will be able to choose one item of merchandise which they will receive free of cost. Furthermore, every Nomad owner has commercial rights to his or her artwork and can make use of that in any way that they sees fit.I really want to hear your opinion on what merchandise you would like to see in the future and will be opening a discord channel #Merchandise where you can express your thoughts on this topic.

Royalties & Charities

On the second market the royalties will be set to 4%, 2% will go to me as the DEV/Artist and 2% will go to local charities in Egypt, I’m happy to get more ideas on more charities we can help so please send your suggestion on our Discord server channel #ideas.

Travel the world and the seven seas!

After reaching 75% of the sales “Including the 3 generations” a limited number of OG holders will be randomly picked and announced on our discord to receive a WIN A LUXURY TOUR OF EGYPT, Egypt is filled with fascinating archeological sites. Ruins, temples, obelisks, mosques — the country is filled to overflowing with ancient wonders. On this journey, you get to see them all.



Nomad Aliens

The Nomads are 5,555 1/1 digital 3D Avatars sculpted and modeled by Egyptian Artist @TheNomadOmar and living on the Polygon chain.